Tuesday, January 28, 2014

He's on ALL the Channels?!?!?!

Tonight is Obama's 5th State of the Union Address. Thank God for Netflix.

I am not a political junkie really, although I do follow politics and try to influence political thought. I'm not a junkie, a 'politics is the Alpha and Omega' type of person. I'm average; I do have other interests.  I don't think the average person will watch this speech; anyone with an interest to equal mine will just watch the reports on Wednesday morning.

Kinda like checking the box scores after a college game you be interested in, but not interested enough to actually watch. And already know how its going to be. Like if Notre Dame plays the Air Force Academy; you know who is going to win, and you know the score will be lopsided as Hell. You check the score to see just how badly they get whacked.

I know the speech will be full of blather, half-truths, out-and-out lies and 'misinterpreted' events. None of which will be called out in the lame stream media. And they all will be said with perfect elocution. 

There will be attacks on opponents and calls for new laws to correct things that are unjust. There will be points made of naming names of friends, and pointing them out. And whoever the unfortunate soul is who gets picked to sit next to Michelle will get introduced for some type of service to the country.

And if thee isn't a glowing report on the current status of Obamacare I'll eat my hat.

And I will miss it all; for many reasons. But mainly because the sound of Obama's voice grates on my every nerve like fingernails on a chalkboard. Initially anyway; then it starts to sound like the metal on metal squeal of a set of truck brakes, wore out and overheating as the truck slides past you on the interstate.

I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it think it is the tone; the one he uses when he is talking to us peons; where he tries to display his worthiness to be our ruler; the tone that sounds like- no matter how sophisticated the word- he is lecturing a first grade class on the finer points of toilet training.

I don't know why I intensely dislike Obama. Carter I respected as my President; Clinton too. Maybe because Carter was so damned ineffectual, and Clinton was a pragmatist, not an ideologue, so their Leftist principles didn't seem so prominent. Although they may have been trying to turn this country into a communist paradise, it didn't have that tone.

Obama doesn't care what you think. This will become a leftist country and he doesn't care who knows.

I know what some of you are thinking; its because he's, you know,.... (black).

Well, that, to me is a racist remark. It means no one not white has the ability to be wrong in any opinion. It means anyone who has a difference of opinion with any non-white holds that opinion solely because of a person's race. It means non-whites cannot be held responsible for the way they think or act. And you don't see that as racist?

Why not?

Isn't the definition of racism treating some differently because of visible differences?

Whether that treatment a harsh racism, like the KKK, or a softer racism, a failure of expectation, based solely on someone's looks?

Or is it only one side of the political debate has the authority to decide who is racist, and who is not?

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