Monday, January 27, 2014

Twenty- One Thousand and Counting

Yesterday I happened to look at my Blog stats, just as I hit 21,000 page views. About a thousand of those may be mine, but still; that's lots of visits by lots of folks over the last 7 years. Blogging was slow at first; I had a lot going on at the time, and I also treated each post as term paper.

And it has been sporadic through the years. Was it Monty Python who had the government Bureau of Fits and Starts? That is kind of how it has been on this blog.

But I'm not alone in the blogosphere in that. Looking for a blog topic I used an old trick of mine; the 'Next Blog' button on the top of the blog. It doesn't take you to the next blog alphabetically, but randomly.

I looked at maybe 30 blogs; only about 5 had posted in 2014, and only maybe 10 more had posted in the last year. Some hadn't posted since 2010 or 2011.

Blogging is both easy and hard. The writing is easy; the finding of time to write sometimes is difficult. I admire bloggers who can post not just everyday, but several times each day. Some of those posts are just links to other sites and information they wish to promote. Only a few, or maybe one, has the blogger's own comments attached.

Some had a final post; a reason for the ending of the blog. Others just kind of stopped. You have no idea why they stopped; was it lack of time, or did they just determine they had better things to do than pound on a keyboard, spreading trite tripe throughout the internet? Or did the blogger drop dead at his keyboard late one night, when a fit of vitriol became too much for a overstressed heart?

The world may never know. Or really care.

But because of Blogger there words will forever inhabit the Ethernet, occasionally to be read by wandering minds, searching the dark and cobwebbed corners of the world wide web for a spark to ignite their own imagination.

Yeah; like I just did.

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