Sunday, January 26, 2014

Planning a Grand Vacation

I did not leave the house yesterday.

And, if I am lucky, I won't leave the house today either. Part of it is the weather; cold and snowy. And part of it is me being me; I have said many times that my idea of a perfect vacation is not leaving my property, unless I run out of beer.

Yes; I am the consummate homebody, bordering on the agoraphobic.

My wife, on the other hand, spends all week at home, and on Saturday and Sunday needs to get out of the house. If I spent all week inside these walls maybe I would feel the same. But I doubt it.

I have never been one of those people who needs to see and do. I find no attraction in beaches, resorts or theme parks. Yes, I do think there are interesting things in the world to visit, but most of them aren't worth the cost of the visit. Take the Statue of Liberty. I would love to visit the Monument, but that would mean going to New York City.

And that ain't gonna happen. When I can land a float plane next to Bedloe's Island step ashore and see the place and then back into my plane and head for home, I'll go. But if visiting the Statue means setting foot in the miserable mess they call New York City, I'll be content with pictures. The cost does not equal the value of the visit.

To me anyway. I am not a people person, and NYC equals people. Lots and lots and loads of people. Strange people, who are also strangers. Who talk funny.

It's not that I hate people. In the abstract anyway. I like the concept that there are 3 billion of us in this world and each of us is different.

Just don't put me in a room with any of those 3 billion.

And God Forbid that any one of those 3 billion show up at my place and ruin my vacation.

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