Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I hope you'll forgive me for not doing much of a post today; there is just nothing going on that can compete with yesterday's news, and I need to reflect on it some more. Writing is a cathartic exercise, and certain events require more of that type of exercise than others.

It has been said that some all people bring joy to a room; some by entering, others by leaving, and I think death affects us just the opposite; the deaths of most are not reasons for joy, although deaths are more personal than most things.

Death does not affect the deceased as much as it does those left behind, provided you are a believer in the Risen Christ. We know that a better world awaits us, as soon as we have finished our punishment on Earth. Everlasting Joy; reunion with lost family; Heaven itself.

The sadness we experience is for ourselves, for our loss,  No more to hear a treasured voice; the familiar laugh. The feel of a much loved hand, weathered and wrinkled, calloused with years of work; work done for the love of those around him.

But death should be celebrated, not decried, if you are a Believer; it is one of the reasons TO Believe. Those we have lost are no longer suffering. They are with the Lord, and if we are lucky, preparing a spot for us in Heaven.

It's hard to be joyful. We cannot think of what we have gained, as our minds are full of what we have lost.

We have to think about it; concentrate on it; Believe IN IT.

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