Monday, January 31, 2011

Yet Another Limitation on the Electric Car

I found this article through Instapundit Sunday morning. I am linking to the Washington Post for two reasons: 1) this article backs up a lot of the things I have been saying about electric cars; and 2) CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS ARTICLE IS IN THE WASHINGTON POST!?!?!?

I am wondering about the repercussions. Obama says: 'Battery Powered cars are good'; the Washington Post says: 'Well, maybe not so much, for 60% of the country'.

What next? Will the Post be charged with blasphemy? Maybe lose their press pass?

One other interesting point. The Post printed this article in the Opinion Section. When I read it, i figured it would be in the Science section. Or maybe the Family Section, or whatever they call the part of the paper with the Comics, the Crossword Puzzle and recipes.

Apparently this writer- like me and millions of others- is not a fan of paying $40k for an economy car.

Amazing that he can say so AND still keep a job at the Washington Post.

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