Wednesday, January 12, 2011


One of my little brothers turns 40 today.

It doesn't seem credible to me. I remember when he was born. He was the first baby I remember seeing fully develop, as it were, from the initial belly swelling to birth and growing up.

I watched him throw his oatmeal around the kitchen and climb out of his playpen. I saw him go to his first day of school. I was there when he bought his first car, and he and spent hours both getting it road ready and keeping it that way.

Dave was always a single focus, if you start it, you finish it, and do it to the best of your ability kind of kid, and that attitude has served him well into adulthood.

I remember when we set up his pool at his house. There is not another pool that level with in a hundred miles, and that one is level by accident. A 1/16th of an inch was not close enough, and it shows in the final product. Most pools you can see they aren't level, because the water is always level. Full of water, you can see this pool is level. The extra effort paid off.

It seems like only yesterday he was 15 and I was 25; working on his mini-bike. Or he was 20 and I was 30, putting a new front suspension under his Cutlass.

And now he's a member of the Over The Hill Gang.

Where did the years go?

Next thing ya know I'll be a grandfather and over 50....

Oh Yeah.

Happy Birthday Dave!

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