Saturday, January 29, 2011

Anticipation is the Name of the Game II

I really had high hopes for this show, especially the premier episode. I was seriously disappointed.

The hype was how they found a '65 T-bird, restored it and sold it at auction. The reality was more how they bought a fine car, painted it and sold it.

But I will admit I didn't watch the whole show. First commercial break I went channel surfing and didn't bother to go back. I did catch up with the show later on, as my surfing brought me back to the Discovery Channel, but at the break, I was gone again. Toward the end of the show I found my way back to the Discovery Channel and watched the auction at the end.

I was not impressed. Way to much soap, way too much shouting and 'woo-who'-ing to make it entertaining to me, and absolutely no how to.

The show starts with the yard buying a '65 Thunderbird from a scrap metal dealer for $750. It needs paint, a front seat and a carburetor. Whoever sold this car to a scrap metal dealer should be drawn and quartered. At the end of the show they auction it off, along with a collection of much more modern cars, at their yard as fully restored.

As I said, missed some of the middle, but I never saw a discussion about anything underneath the car. Brakes; suspension; exhaust; steering linkage, or any of a dozen other things that wear out on a 45 year old car. They did spend $6 grand; I hope it all didn't go to paint and a front seat.

If I suffering from insomnia some Wednesday night I may tune again, or if I hear reports that there have been improvements, but otherwise I think I have better things to do with my time.

If all I want to see is people shouting at each other I don't need TV.

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