Monday, January 17, 2011

Who Knew?

I just found out about a thing Blogger does; it keeps stats about page views. All time, per country. Mine looks like this:

United States 1,867
Canada 60
South Korea 59
Germany 52
United Kingdom 36
Netherlands 33
Russia 29
Ukraine 20
China 19
Spain 19

The 1,867 views from the USA I can understand. China, Russia, Georgia and the Ukraine I can understand. I have been spammed in the comments before.

Why so many views from Germany? And South Korea? What is that all about?

And I don't know if I have one fan in South Korea who has stopped by 59 times, or if I have 59 fans, using the term advisedly, as they only stopped by once, or if I have 59 fans who have stopped by many times.

And not just Germany; Spain, UK, Netherlands, and of course, Canada.

What is there about the activities and thoughts of a semi-literate Kentucky redneck that so interests the world?

Well, maybe interests is too strong a word. After all, I've had fewer visitors in 3 years than Instapundit gets in 3 minutes. During a power outage.

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