Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting The New Year With a Bungle

Well, Hell.

Today is January 8th, and my New Years Resolution to put up a post everyday is shot to Hell and back already.

But the bright side is I am only 7 posts behind!

Its not that I haven't had a lot to say; I have. These are historic times we are living in, and very pivotal for the future of the country. This is, I think, literally our last chance to return to our original Constitutional form of limited government. If the leftists win now the change will be forever.

Its just that since early December I have been busier than a one-armed paperhanger, as my Dad used to say. When I do have a few minutes to sit and write, I am usually both pyhsically and mentally spent. Not a condition conductive to turning out readable prose.

Today I have the morning free. I got up early enough that that the rest of the house- including the Young Un'- are still fast asleep. I have free time AND mental capacity! Hallelujah!

Where to start?

The seating of the 112th Congress. This is hopefully the turning point. My fervent hope is that the next two years don't turn out to be political theater. Yes, the House will vote to repeal Obamacare, and the Senate probably will as well. And Obama will veto it. And the Senate will not have the votes to override the veto. Obama wins.

All of the leftist programs Obama could not get through the Congress he has implemented by Presidential fiat. The House and maybe the Senate vote to defund those new programs. Obama refuses to sign the new budget; showdown ensues. When a government shut down looms, who blinks first?

I seriously think that will become the nexus of the 3rd American Revolution. It depends on who blinks first. We need to make sure Congress knows we have their back; let the government shut down, We need to also let Obama know who's side we're on in that battle. I doubt he will care; we're just ignorant rubes after all, and we have no idea how much better off we'll be after the Beneficent Obama runs our entire lives for us.

That will also be the point when we see if Congress is just paying lip service to a smaller government, or is really behind the concept of reducing Federal power.

There are a lot of new, non-political faces in the House, so maybe we have a chance.

The hard part will be the wait, while we see.

I forgot to mention that I really like this image of the historic hand-over. You can see teh gavel pass, but not Pelosi's face; its a win-win!

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