Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Teddy Kennedy Seat in The Senate

I haven't been posting on this because I really don't have anything to say that hasn't been said by everybody else. But that doesn't mean I can't chime in anyway.

There is one issue I haven't seen anything on anywhere.

Why is it that a race for one seat in the Senate that will determine whether or not this country becomes more Socialist or not?

If a state wants to become socialist (RE: California, New York, Massachusetts) then let them. When those policies bankrupt them, then those states will be forced to return to fiscal sanity. But the rest of us don't have to follow them down the road to ruin. Unless Coakley wins on Tuesday.

And that is the crux of the matter. Coakley gets elected; the ‘Healthcare Bill’ passes and we are one step closer to socialism. Brown gets elected, and minus the Senate shenanigans the Dems are planning, the bill is dead and we are one step closer to taking this country back.

Which is why all of the stops are being pulled out on both sides. Brown was able to raise over a million dollars in one day last week from all over the nation. Obama and Clinton have or will appear on Coakley’s behalf, and the SEIU is bussing in pro-Coakley demonstrators. The Dems thought this would be a cake walk. A Kennedy has held this seat since 1952, when JFK was first elected. Re-Elected in ’58, he resigned in ’60 to become president. A placeholder was appointed to fill the seat until Teddy turned 30- minimum age to be a Senator- when the placeholder resigned and Teddy was elected in a special election. Any wonder they call it the Teddy Kennedy Seat?

Then came Coakley and Brown. A few years ago nobody would have paid any attention to a special race to fill a Massachusetts Senate Seat. It would have been a foregone conclusion that the Dem would win. But the country has changed in those few years. And, apparently so has Massachusetts. That Brown is even close is a feat. If he can win the election that would be even better. But can he win the recounts? With the ‘Found Ballot Boxes’, denied votes and the like?

If you think the Dems have pulled out the dirty tricks for the voting, just imagine what they will do for the counting. And the previously announced methods for making sure that if Brown wins, and survives counting, recounting and court challenges- Hell look how long it took to seat the Clown form Minnesota- then they start the Senate level garbage to make sure he can’t vote on one of the most important bills proposed in a century.

Winning the election will just be the start of the hard work.

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