Monday, January 18, 2010

All's Fair in Love and War- and Politics

As usual it was Instapundit that lead me to this, although it has been the method I believe the Dems have been using- with varying success- since 2000 and Florida.

I myself would prefer to see a voter registration purge every two years; immediately after the mid term elections, with renewing registrations to begin on January 1. No motor voter, no requiring registration when you sign up for Welfare or Unemployment. You MUST find a voter registration card and you MUST fill it out and you MUST deliver it (by hand or by mail) to the proper registration authority in you county.

It ain't that hard, and the county's computers will make it fairly painless even at that level. IF data hasn't changed they should be able to easily import the old info and move on. The important thing is that only the people ready to cast their OWN ballot will register, and all the useful idiots will be purged.

Maybe at that point we will have a little more confidence in the electoral process, and get back to our usual 25% voter turnout.

What? You really didn't believe that all of those registered voters were actually showing up at the polls, did you?

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