Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New iPhone App

This one is a real hoot.

Apparently, after 3 years, AT&T has decided to see how well there service works. Maybe it's just the cynic in me that wonders if this has anything to do with the expiration of their exclusive iPhone contract in June of this year.

But anyway, with this app when you have poor service, like no phone or 3G service or if AT&T drops your call, then you fire up this app and let AT&T know exactly where you are so they can WORK ON improving your service.

Where was this app a couple of months ago when I got dropped 3 times in one 15 minute phone call?

I already used it; to complain that I have no service in my dining room. That may not be a big deal the rest of you, but hey, it is a real pain in the buttocks to me!

I also like how Verizon has a truck drive around constantly checking for network performance and loading.

AT&T gives us AN APP!

I have to admit that I do like some functions of the iPhone. There are things I would like for it to do better or differently, but the basic thing I have a cell phone for is to make phone calls. When it fails to do that, then to me the whole device is a failure. And there are so many places you just can't make a danged call on this phone.

And my desk at home is one of the places I can't!

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