Sunday, January 17, 2010

So, Friday I Had to Travel

I only travel for business. My idea of a perfect vacation is to never leave my property, unless I'm out of beer.

I’m serious. Why spend a fortune to go somewhere you won’t sleep well to spend a ton of money on stuff you’ll throw away or become instant consumables. Just so you can say you’ve been to Hawaii?

Don’t get me wrong; there are some things I would travel to see. I would love to go to Hawaii, but only to visit Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial, but 20 hours in the air for a day a Pearl just isn’t worth it.

I would also like to visit the Statute of Liberty. I just don’t want to go to New York to do it. The same with the Liberty Bell and Philadelphia; the Henry Ford Museum and Detroit and Washington DC and Washington DC.

I freely admit I hate cities. The bigger the city the more I hate it. I just hope I am never forced to go to New York, Chicago or LA.

I can examine why I hate cities pretty easily. They are chock full of people I don’t know. And, in my mind anyway, half of them are out to kill me or steal my stuff. And I can’t readily identify which half is which. Hell, in New York you can be as easily victimized by the punk with a gun as you could be by would-be Madoff and his pen. I just find it easier to avoid them all instead of trying to sort the wheat from the chaff on the fly.

Well, so much for the rant. Friday I had to go to Manchester Kentucky to sort out an issue I have been trying to clear by long distance for 2 years. I had to visit 4 county offices and got everything done in about 2 hours. I just cost me 6 hours on the road. But it was worth it. I was able to solve three issues that I couldn’t have otherwise. Sometimes the only way to accomplish anything is in person.

I’m just glad I was able to do it in Manchester and not Chicago.

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