Sunday, January 17, 2010

The New Addition

We have been talking about getting a puppy since July when Junior died. We were only half-heartedly looking, because we wanted a collie shepard mix and didn't think we would be able to find one.

Then serendipity reared its ugly head.

Tuesday night the Young'un called us in tears. Her Mom and stepdad gave away her cat. The wife and I consoled her as best we could and called her Daddy and let him know if we wanted to get her a puppy, we would be more than happy to keep it for her here at the house. Son agreed, and let the Young'un know she was getting a puppy. Information she immediately shared with Mom and stepdad; information they did not appreciate.

Which made our decision even sweeter.

So Grandma immediately went to work to find a puppy. The first place she went was our local animal shelter. Where they happened to have a few puppies. Collie shepard mix puppies. And one of them has markings that reminded her of Junior. That puppy saw my wife and walked toward her, wagging its tail. She picked the puppy up and it licked her nose. The Youn'un had her puppy.

Saturday we took the Young’un to meet the puppy; to make sure they were compatible. Compatible? They were inseparable. She has decided to name the pup General Lee Daisy after two of her favorite characters from her favorite show. I am fairly sure we will be using her ‘middle name’, as the Young’un has determined Daisy to be, more often than her first. As much as I like the name, I just don’t think I could get used to calling a female puppy General Lee.

It was a strange set of events that lead us to the Animal shelter just in time to find this pup. When we were there on Saturday a few folks can in and would have taken her home except that we were there and had already put down a hold deposit. A day later than when the wife was there and she would have been gone. A couple of days earlier and she would not have been there yet.

And then the strange similarities to Junior. Her looks, especially in the face, some of her markings and the way she HATES a leash and collar. And the way she took to all of us immediately. Junior had several siblings that we got into good homes locally, so it is possible this is one of his nieces or grand-nieces. Or a granddaughter. Obviously I can’t prove that she is.

But I’ll always believe it’s so.

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