Monday, November 30, 2009

Okay, Here's The Issue

I need to put up a post this morning so I can make my 30 post for the 30 days of November, like I promised I would do.

I have to post this morning, because tonight I will be having company for dinner- and afterward- and today is going to be slam-packed with work.

But I got nuthun'. Saturday's activities I have already blogged about (did I mention there were around 4000 lights on that tree?), and Sunday was spent on a project for work that is more exciting in the finish than in the process.

Even the recent news has been unworthy of my time. Obama's decision to try our Marines for giving an Iraqi a fat lip doesn't cut it- we all know he's an idiot, surrounded by idiots and worse; it's a foregone conclusion that he has booted that decision, so its not controversial at all.

Oh well; the greatest hitter in baseball only hit .400. I guess I can't expect a home run every time I sit down at the keyboard.

The picture is I-74 headed through Indiana. That's how low I am right now; that's as close to a picture of nuthun' as I could find on my computer this morning.

Tomorrow starts December, and another 30 new posts.

31 days in December? Oh crap...

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