Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Note From My Mother

A couple a days ago I blogged about fixing a car for my brother. It was an old Honda I had that I figure will get him around for a few months while he works out a permanent ride.

Anyway, yesterday we went to transfer it and for the first time in years I needed a note from my mother to get something done.

It turns out that in Kentucky a transfer between immediate family is free from sales tax- which is 6% of whatever the state says the car is worth. In this case the sales tax was $37, which means the state thinks a car that I gave away is worth over 600 bucks. One of us is full of the old crapola on the value of this thing, and I'm the one who drove it, so who do you think knows best? But, I digress.

Anyway, in order to prove my brother and I are brothers, we had to have a statement from Mom saying we are brothers, and then we can cheat the state out of... I mean not PAY the state thirty-seven bucks. Strange that they won't take our word for it, but will take Mom's.

Any rate, that's the story of why I needed a note from my Mother to sell a car.

Next thing ya know I'll post a video of paint drying.

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