Thursday, November 19, 2009

Obama and Holder Have Just Realized They Erred

Just in case you have been out of touch with news for the last two weeks,
has been a hot item.

Some of the comments have been mild.

I'll be a little stronger. Obama and Holder are f***in' idiots.

Here is my reasoning:

1. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed first and foremost IS NOT A US CITIZEN! Why is he able to enjoy the liberties and protections of one?

2. Federal Law has many protections for evidence that have not been followed in this case (such as Miranda Rights and freedom from enhanced questioning). How do they intend to work around the idea that he was not read the Miranda rights as required prior to questioning?

3. What are Obama and Holder going to do if he is acquitted? Obama has already said he will get the death penalty. Whoop-de-do. More people have died of natural causes on the federal death row than have been executed in the last 20 years. But does that mean the trial is a sham, and the fix is in?

4. What will Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s conviction mean to American justice, if he is sentenced to death based on the way he was arrested and treated prior to the trial? Does this set a precedent that if you are accused of terrorism you can be convicted because the government WANTS you convicted?

It is the precedent this trial sets that scares me the most. Is he to be afforded all constitutional protections or not? If yes, then will we be required to arrest terrorist on the battlefield; ship them to the USA and try them all in Federal Court?

Or, if he is not afforded constitutional protections, then what does that mean for anybody else accused of terrorism, whether or not you’re a US citizen? Can the US Court system deny me my rights because I have refused to comply with some Federal directive, and the President invokes the Texas defense- He needed killin’- against me, instead of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

Friends, there are no good ways for this to turn out. The trouble is they are stuck now. They have announced the trial and they need to try these bastards in Federal Court.

But look for this out, since I think they have realized they have erred: we wind up with a few delays and postponements and stays for the start of the trial. My guess they won’t actually get around to opening arguments until December of 2012; right after Obama loses.

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