Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The New Poster Boy For Term Limits

What is the most important piece of informantion in this article?

No, its not the Senator Robert Byrd has spent 56 years and 320 days in Washington. Since TRUMAN was president.

Truman; Eisenhower; Kennedy; Johnson; Nixon; Ford; Carter, Reagan; Bush; Clinton: Bush and now Obama- 12 Presidents. Over 202 million people have been born into this country since Robert Byrd went to Washington. 72% of the population, give or take a percentage point.

Its not that he has a 98% attendance rate, or that he has cast more than 19,000 votes, or that he has been elected 9 times to the US Senate.

To me, its that he spent $326 million in 2008 alone on earmarks for West Virginia.

That's MY money dammit, and I want it back.

It is impossible to travel inWest Virginia without driving on a Robert Bryd Memorial Highway, crossing a Robert Byrd Memorial Bridge or dropping a load at the Robert Byrd Memorial outhouse.

I sometimes think the state motto is actually West By Byrd Virginia.

The one saving grace about today is that I doubt even West Virginia will elected his dessicated corpse to a 10th term.

Damn; I need some bourbon.

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