Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Watch the Video; Be Impressed

I ran into a post over at Althouse that seemed to get a lot of attention; including mine.

The premise was folks who are college educated are (gasp and horrors!!!!) actually going back to working with their hands instead of their heads. And becoming happier.

I blame the schools. How can some idiot who has had what little common sense they were born with educated out of them see any good in a path BUT education?

Steer those kids away from plumbing and carpentry; let them spend a fortune on college and THEN work on a career skill.


So now we have generations of people how have a degree in a useless (damn; I almost said discipline) field, and absolutely no idea how to earn a living.

And they can’t work with their hands; they have an EDUCATION don’t ya know.

Ever wonder why a good plumber is $100 bucks an hour? Because he was the one with enough sense to tell his guidance counselor to pound sand when she suggested that someone with his brains should go to college, instead of wasting his mind playing with water.

It used to be the useless people went to college, because stuffing them full of book learning was the only way to get any use out of them.

Now it’s the worthless fools that mostly get shuffled off to vocational school, to get them out of the ‘real’ classroom.

Educators don’t seem to realize that the real classroom is outside of the school building.

But, I digress.

The point is working with your mind or your back.

My 22 year old son- never known as a philosopher- said to me the other day that there are two kinds of jobs in this world; those you shower for and those you shower after.

The ones you shower for tend to have higher salaries; I guess because the ones you shower after tend to have a little more satisfaction.

You have something concrete to point to.

At one point I worked for a cousin who hung and finished drywall. I can still go down the road and point buildings I worked in. I have left my mark. I used to work in a place that made parts for diesel truck engines. Whenever I see a truck with one of those engines I have to wonder if it is running some of the parts I made.

Oh; the video?

Is the guy who operates this machine working with his head or his hands?


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Trooper York said...

See, you can have a career discussion.

And the worst kind of job is the one you have to shower during, but nobody wants their little girl to grow up to be a stripper.

Just sayn'

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

You can't say nobody Trooper; there probably are parents who will encourage that career.

Based on the way a whole bunch of 14 year old girls were dressed for their 8th grade graduation a few weeks ago, apparently about half of them.

And I can't tell if aman is spam or maybe a satirist.

All I know is I ain't clicking that link!