Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes a Little Rain Will Fall

And then some days A LOT will fall. I estimate we had 4 inches of rain yesterday.

In an HOUR.

Rumor was this was the same storm that caused the flash floods in Arkansas that killed 9 people.

The picture above is the crick in front of my house during a normal rain. A lot of times it is dry this time of year. The one below is the same view, but at the height of the flood.

I have a little fire pit down in a bend of the creek. The water got a little too deep to enjoy a fire yesterday.

The storm also created a water feature in the flower bed in front of the house. This was just water that was running down the sidewalk next to the house.

After the rain quit, and I could walk down the driveway instead of swim, (I tried to post a video here, but Blogger had an ISSUE) I went to the main road and got a couple of pictures.

Between the two guardrails is the road. The creek is normally 4 FEET below the road level.

The water on the road is about 14 inches deep, and down stream spread out to cover a two acre field.

Yeah, we got some rain.


Trooper York said...

Jeeez that's a lot of water. In Brookly we have the best sewer system in the country so the run off goes right down the drain. The sanitation department makes sure to clean the drains so the water can flow and not be blocked by leaves or debris or what not. The only time I ever saw it build up was on Sackett St near Columbia street. The wate was about knee deep. When the water department came they found out what was blocking the drain.

It was a button man for the Columbo family.

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Nothing was clogging the drains here Trooper; it was just WAY more water than the system was designed for.

There is a 12 inch pipe under the road; it ran full bore for an hour after the rain stopped draining the back up.