Sunday, June 20, 2010

How I Spent My Afternoon

Late this morning we got buzzed by a B-17, flying low and slow. By the time I figured out what the noise was and got outside I just saw the last of it disappearing into the trees.

An hour later when It flew over again I was a little better prepared, and got a shot of the tail end, again just disappearing into the trees.

So this afternoon I decided to camp out on the back porch with the video camera. I would be ready.

The B-17 has to be my favorite WW-II bomber. I don't know why. Maybe it was its record for survivability; or maybe just the shear numbers of them produced. Maybe it is all the guns; leaving no corner unprotected.

They were unheated, unarmored and were shot down over Germany in surprising numbers; but it ain't just me; the B-17 has a massive fan club. I have to get a picture today. Video would be even better.

So for the last 3 hours I have sat on my back porch, jumping every time I heard what I believed to be the rumble of a multi-engined prop plane. The helicopter I jumped up for was not a rookie mistake. It was an old piston engined one, and the echo caused by the porch roof made me mistake it for B-17.

The old pickup without a muffler, coupled with the neighbor's air conditioner and the damned porch roof echo was an easy mistake to make too. Especially if you want it to be a Flying Fortress.

I know I heard it twice, flying just south of me and below the tree line. But could have been an echo coming up the river valley.

Pretty shortly I will need to go to get ready to leave for my Father's Day Dinner, and I still have got nothing to show for my afternoon's labors.

This is supposed to be MY DAY DANG IT!!!

I just need the rest of you to cooperate!

So, here I am finishing up this blog post when I hear the rumble I have been listening for all afternoon. I grab the camera and fly outside. YEP! There it is!

So the camera takes its sweet time to boot up, and I have trouble locating the plane in the sky. Then it goes behind one of my trees!

When it comes out the other side I am ready. I get some fine. long distance footge of her flying away.

And yes; I think it was worth it.

And BLOGGER ate my video!!!!!

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