Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Since I work during the day I can very seldom listen to the radio between 9 and Noon, but this morning I was able to try and catch a few minutes of Mike McConnell's program on WLW.

Today Scott Sloan was on, with no mention of where McConnell was.

Politburo-like, no mention means bad news on Clear Channel.

So I did a little hunting and found this.

Damn and Double Damn.

I have been catching McConnell off and on during the day for I know over 25 years. I have been listening since Trivia Mondays. How long ago was that?

Hell, I even fixed his car once (an early '80s Buick big body (LeSabre I think) with a V-6; it had to be a dog on the highway.

But Mike never was. I can't remember ever turning his show off because it wasn't interesting.

And I seldom disagree with him; that makes him a purty smart individual right there.

But this ain't the old days. I won't have to lay awake nights hoping for a clear night and some WGN skip.

I can tune WGN in on my computer, or in the car on my iPhone.

I just won't be supporting WLW anymore.

Check out some of the comments in the article from the Sun-Times. The first few weeks of Mike in Chicago may be a real hoot.


Trooper York said...

You know I read the whole post and I don't know if those guys are music dj's or talk?

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

All talk; I can't stand any of the music I hear on the radio.

They play one good song and 4 pieces of crap.

I can't believe I lived as lOng as I did without an iPod.