Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thunder Road

If you have never seen Thunder Road it is one of those movies that has some great scenes and over all is pretty entertaining. Robert Mitchum stars as a moonshine runner in the (for the 1959 movie) present day; his runs from Harlan County Kentucky to Memphis to deliver 250 gallons of White Lightining are the basis of the story.

Running from the law is routine; its when the 'shine runners also need to start running from a Memphis crook that things get dangerous.

Filmed in black and white- you can also see some of the early transitional changes in the chases scenes, as the stunt co-ordinators went from horses to cars. Or maybe I am just seeing that way because of way they car chases are staged reminded me awhole lot of '50's TV western posse scenes.

Next time your looking for a way to spend a Saturday evening,or a rainy afternoon, pick up a copy. The opening 5 minutes will get you hoooked.

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