Saturday, October 24, 2009

Have You Ever Done What You Thought Was Smart?

This past week the wife and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. Every year I get the date wrong. You see, 25 years ago I thought I was being smart, and my being smart comes up every year to bite me in the butt.

We were married on October 21; Sweetest Day, and it was marked on the calendar. In case you are unaware of this fabricated day to spend money on gifts for your significant other, well, I've just explained it to you. But, it is marked on the calender. And that is what got me into trouble.

I figured getting married on Sweetest Day would mean I would never forget our anniversary- it would always be pre-marked on the calender. I failed to realize that Sweetest Day is a floating holiday; its always the third Saturday in October, not always the 21st.

I came home on October 20th full of first anniversary pride, and was promptly shot down with: But, our anniversary is TOMORROW.


But since then I have always remembered the date as the 20th, and not the 21st, and every year, even though I no longer follow the calender, I am always a day early with my Happy Anniversary wishes.

And every year it sucks. My wife recognizes this programming flaw in me and starts on the first of October reminding me that the date is the 21st.

And I still manage to blow it if she's not around.

Oh well; there's always next year!

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