Sunday, October 4, 2009

Its Amazing What You Can Find On the Internets

5:00 this morning I was listening to the BBC (what else can I do? All the AM stations turn into "Will Preach for Cash", and I have yet to find an FM station that will play what I want to hear consistently. I mean, I'll be channel surfing and catch a little Jim Croce and stop. Two songs later its {oh... what the Hell is the name of that gay English guy who wears weird glasses and bangs on a piano that can't stand? [Its the guy's 'music' I can't stand, not his piano, just in case there was some confusion] John something... But, I digress}, so I'm back to surfing again, and I spend more time listening to static and garbage I don't like, so on Sunday mornings I listen to the BBC) and heard about this video.

They have a website where they detail the whole launch and recovery. Amazing what you can do with $150.00!

And even though these guys go to MIT, I believe they are Rednecks at heart!

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