Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why I have Been Busy

I made this for my grandson in Santa's Workshop. The cars are out of poplar and the wheels and axles are oak.

I enjoy making things like this. I enjoy the creative process of seeing something in my minds eye and then creating it. I also enjoy the problem solving that needs to go into making my ideas work.

Where do you find wheels for something like this? Well, you have to make them. Which is difficult without a lathe. The small wheels I made from a piece of dowel, cut down into slices and then a hole is drilled in the center. The large wheels I cut from a solid piece of oak with a hole saw.

Like I said, it's the problem solving I like.

Each project is like that for me. I seldom do a new project without first having a new problem to solve.

Like my Snowmen.

I have an image that I printed out from my computer on both sides and then I cut them out on a scroll saw. Getting the images to line up so I could cut them out together was an initial problem, basically involving how to get the two sides to register in two directions. But it worked. I made twelve of these puzzles, including the prototype, and the nieces and nephews loved them.

It has been a busy couple of weeks. But today I am taking the day off. I'm going to find something on TV and go into full rest mode in the recliner.

I've got a couple of projects around the house scheduled for next week, so I'm going to need it.

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