Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Hate Change

Positively, absolutely and unequivocally hate change.

But I think I will change.

Because I am beginning to hate Google worse than I hate change, and Blogger is a Google product. The only issue is where to go?

I am not a fan of Facebook. It seems like every time one of the kids visited Facebook my computer came down with a virus. Maybe they just blamed it on Facebook; I don’t know.

Who else hosts a blog? A fast Bing search shows a few places;; Wordpress & Vox.

One of the things I hate about change is discovering the perfect fit- again. Because for all of Google’s issues, Blogger is easy to use.

January will be Discovery Month, and expect a new blog location in February. I may have a few location for test runs first, so be prepared for change.

And remember; we don’t care Who Moved Our Cheese; we just care where they put it!

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