Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Real World Intrudes

I occasionally read The Anchoress, usually as a link from Althouse or Instapundit. Yesterday it was Instapundit.

This article (be sure to follow the early link) I read early on Christmas morning, but waited until today to post on it. Christmas Day was not a day for this news.

More and more I worried that we will not be able to take this country back at the ballot box. We already have very little faith in election results, with some ballots being excluded for spurious reasons and boxes of ballots being found in car trunks weeks after elections being counted.

We already have very little faith in government to be able to perform properly, and less in governments ability to perform to our wishes.

We still have another 10 months and a couple of weeks to the midterm elections, and 2 months after that until we can (maybe) seat a new Congress. Look at the pile of corruption they have managed to foist on us in the last 11 months and think about the damage they can do in the next 11 months.

Now you know why I waited until today to bring this up.

I tried to find a news article on this new Obamanation, but couldn't. Not a single news organization felt that this destruction of our sovereignty was worthy of a news blip. We have freedom of the press; I guess that freedom only means than can publish things damaging to our security, not damaging to their president.

How much longer will we peaceably be able to put up with this garbage?

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