Thursday, February 20, 2014

UAW Loses Another One

I think I have mentioned several times that Unions have a glorious past, but a rather ignoble present, and a doubtful future. Face it; if we outlawed government worker unionization, the Unionized rate for the workforce as a whole would drop to 5 or 6 percent or less.

The union vote in Volkswagen's Chattanooga Plant is particularly telling. Volkswagen was not only neutral on the vote, but was encouraging the unionization. The lack of a Union in the plant is preventing them from forming company/employee product improvement groups, something they see as a necessary part of plant management.

Why can't they form the improvement groups? It is AGAINST Federal Labor law. Forming the groups without a Union is illegal, and they can't form an in-house union; that is also illegal.

Gee; I wonder which lobby got THAT fine idea made into law?

But; I digress. Again.

My real point today is this post over at The Truth About Cars by a member of the workforce that voted the representation down.

This isn't some outsider talking, or an anti-union activist; this is a person on the ground explaining what the UAW does to you, and why their presence poisons the workplace.

I'll tell you as well, having worked in a union shop years ago; every word is true. In particular the Us versus Them attitude that Union leadership engenders. There is no We when it comes to the workplace; They are evil; They want to steal from you; they want to kill you; nothing They say is true; on and on and on.

Apparently some folks are wising up.

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