Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I can’t let today go by without mentioning two things: One; if you will recall my post from the other day; I won a dollar. Ain’t much, but better than a kick in the teeth, right?

Dad would always use another part of the anatomy, but hey, teeth will work.

Second, today is the day I lost my Dad, 11 years ago now.

I could say more, but I have made mention of this anniversary many times; hopefully those posts will suffice.

February has always sucked. The weather is bad and there is nothing left to look forward to but spring. And February keeps reminding us it isn’t spring. It does tease us, like yesterday, today and tomorrow (62 degrees! Dang near swimmin’ weather. If I actually went swimming. Which I don’t.), but then the return to what February actually is (next week’s forecast is for the 30’s as highs and more $^@&;*%$ SNOW) is actually even more cruel.

Like that time on Christmas when you got the toy you had been begging a year for from Great Aunt Grace. When you went to thank her, she looked at you like you had two heads. Then handed you another package, took the toy back and announced that now she would have to re-wrap Cousin Freddie’s gift, this idiot kid unwrapped it.

And then you found socks were actually your gift.

Yep; February treats us like that; year in and year out. We stoically push on; dreading the next few weeks, hoping we can make it. Feeling gratitude for each little harbinger of spring we see or feel, and cussing each backslide into winter.

From here on out February is a 10-step program; each day another step we need to make toward our goal of getting out of this month with some shred of sanity left. There are also other hallmarks of some other programs.

Like apology; we are constantly apologizing to people for these random outbursts of “ARRGHH” whenever we need to open a door, and we still see snow.

There is guilt; guilt because know better things are right around the corner, and things have been worse recently. But we still hate today. And tomorrow, just for good measure. For that we feel guilty.

Then like any good multi-step program, we feel satisfaction; the steps have been completed. The program is complete. But that step is still is still 9 Steps away.

Today I still need to deal with *%&# February.

The picture? No that isn't today. I took that in February of 2009. I used it just as a reminder.

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