Saturday, February 8, 2014

God v Dog

You knew I would have to blog about this; it is just too good of an opportunity to let pass. It is almost the quintessential debate between Religion and Science.

I say almost because this was only about one aspect of Religion, and only one aspect of Science; where did we come from, and how long ago?

If you watched the video one commenter noted that his debate had not become heated, like so many others of this type. Why do they become heated?

Because both are a belief system. It isn't impossible to believe in both books- The Bible and On The Origin of Species- although it does require you to take The Old Testament of The Bible as allegorical, and not literal.

My problem with Science can best be illustrated by the (you guessed it) Global Warming debacle. Scientists lied, and belief in Science died. Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me.

Like it or not, only a percentage of Science can be proven. Most of modern science is built on the sands of Theory. Logical, but unproven, theory. The math for Einstein's Theory of Relativity can be reproduced, but that doesn't prove the theory correct; only proves his math was correct.

The same with Darwin. Examining his evidence and coming to the same conclusion only proves that his theory is logical, not that it is correct.

And we have become accustomed to accepting the truth of what we are told by science; because they should know. How do feel about believing not in the Facts of Science, but the Guesses of Science?

We have all seen the drawings of what "our" ancient ancestors looked like. Did you know that most of those images are not based on a full skeleton, or even a collection of individual bones from several individuals, but usually on one or two bones and a few fragments? Some digger finds a jawbone and a fibula in the guano of a cave and the next thing you know we have a new, 1.5 million year old 'ancestor'.
The image is a guess, based on the few things they do know; The age is also a guess, based on the assumed age of where they were found.

This is not to say that all of the theories and guesses are incorrect; there not. It just that we are taught the is a proven fact, when all it really is is a very logical, probably well supported, guess.

Carbon dating is at best another guess, based on observable science extrapolated out over several centuries. We have nothing that is proven by other methods to be 'X' thousands of years old to test and prove the theory; it is based on the observable difference in a few years- even a lifetime isn't a significant portion of the history of the Earth, no matter who's figures you believe.

I also have a hard time believing the physical laws are not some grand design. Look at Water. Snow; Ice; Steam and Water all have the same chemical makeup; H2O- two hydrogen atoms bonded to a single  oxygen atom. Yet, unlike almost any other substance, it EXPANDS when chilled. Which means bodies of water ice over, protecting the fish in the water below. When frozen as a vapor it forms Snow, which when it falls insulates the earth beneath it,  protecting the plants and animals from a freeze. And the cycle of evaporation and rain; providing water to plants far from a source water on a regular basis; plants that the animals need for sustenance.

To me, those features of Water are proofs of a Theory; a Theory that we aren't here by some accidental failure or accidental coupling millions of years ago.

We live in a world designed for us. Now; Science- prove me wrong.

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