Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday is The Day

Today is the day; the day the Eagle craps; the day we get ours for what we have given. Payday! A few more hours and it's off to see the Paymaster.

What a feeling that is; rich instead of broke; top of the world, not bottom of the heap. Worth something, not worthless; the reward for the time we have given the company in the last 7 days. There are always a few small bills or loose coins I can slide in to the left hand pocket before the envelope goes home. Thank God our boss still pays in cash; how's a man to 'lose' a few coins from a check, I ask you?

5 hours last Saturday, and 50 this week; 55 hours pay doesn't seem to last a week anymore; everything seems to be going up except the wages. Potatoes almost 10 cents a pound; milk 25 cents a gallon and meat! The less said about the cost of meat the better; how can a man feed a growing family? If it weren't for the eggs from the hens and the fish in the river sometimes the bellies would eat the rent.

But today; today the empty bellies and the future visit from the rent man are forgotten. Today is the day we live the dream. A little steak in the pan; a little beer for after. A visit to the ice cream stand for the kids; the dreams of yesterday are the realities of today.

Until tomorrow's realities set in. The money for the gas man; the money for the rent man; the money for the water man, the tax man, the grocer and the butcher and the money for the Church.

Up again at 5:00 AM, to be at the gates at 6 when the whistle blows. Another 6 days of reality.

But today my friend, if only for a little while, we are living the dream.

As soon as we can see the Paymaster.

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