Saturday, April 3, 2010

Out of The Archives

I mentioned I have finally gotten access to all of my old pictures and other files.

What I didn't mention is that now I'm going to start boring you folks with all of that stuff.

Like this post.

When Cincinnati last celebrated Tall Stacks I was privileged to be a volunteer deck hand on one of the boats. I was busy while the passengers loaded and unloaded, but unless we started to sink I had nothing to do during the cruise, except take pictures.

This is the Grand Old Lady of Steamboats, the Delta Queen; the oldest overnight passenger steamship in the country.

Or it was, until the Democrats in Congress gave a big fat kiss to their union thugs and failed to renew her exemption from maritime laws designed to protect passengers at sea, not in the middle of a river.

Now its a hotel, but based on what I read on the website, it will be preserved until it can regain its exemption and start serving cruising passengers again.

Another reason to vote Republican in the fall.

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