Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apparently I'm Not as Fat As I Was Yesterday

I found this through Instapundit.

My question is one I don't see addressed in the article.

If being 10 to 15 pounds 'Overweight' is not a bad thing, why doesn't the medical profession adjust their target weight charts to account for that fact?

I'm kinda mad that the 'ideal' weight for me would make me look like a scarecrow, and apparently, isn't any unhealthier that being 15 pounds heavier, which would make a difference in a target weight I could actually get closer to.


Michael Hasenstab said...

I have paid careful attention to those published ideal height and weight charts.

It is my conclusion that I am not overweight, but am a bit underheight, based on the charts.

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Michael H; Thanks for reading and posting!

Unfortunately, I am also a little under tall for my weight.

I kinda think those height/weight charts are just something that doctors use to convince us we aren't healthy enough, and when we get sick, that makes it our fault.

Kinda like when your computer dies one day over warranty, and it your fault because you never greased the flux capacitor like the instruction book told you too.