Saturday, March 27, 2010

Outside My Front Door

I thought about flying my flag upside down when Obama got elected; but talked myself out of it.

When they started talking about Cap and Trade, I was ready, but we dodged that bullet, at least temporarily.

But last Sunday, when they passed Socialized medicine I went ahead and started flying my distress flag.

I also have made up my mind not to buy a new flag as long as the Democratistas are in power.

It took a lot of thought to get to this point. I have an absolute love and deep respect for my country's flag. I know what it means to those who have fought for it.

And I also know what is happening to the country it represents right now. The country I fought for is becoming too much like the country I fought against.

When we take my country back I'll get a new flag.

And a taller pole to fly it from.

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