Thursday, December 6, 2012


I found both this article and the comments interesting.

I didn't read all of the comments- there were over 800 when I was looking at the article- but i didn't see a one that was pro- drug control.

I wonder why? Are people becoming pro-drug, or anti-government?

I don't think its either; I think folks are just becoming more freedom oriented, and less believing in the omniscience of government.

Its called experience. They have seen what government can do, and what it can't. They have also seen what government is unable to do, such as drug interdiction.

We have been fighting a war on drugs since the 1960's; escalated in the 70's; 80's and 90's.

And not only can you still buy marijuana on dang near any street corner, there has been a proliferation of more dangerous drugs created that didn't exist when the war began, like crack cocaine and crystal meth. Pills- both illegally manufactured and prescription- are available for the asking. Doctors and pharmacies are cashing in; creating 'Pill Mill' offices where a short visit and an exchange of currency will allow a prescription to be written for 'Back Pain'. A prescription that will be filled in the doctor's own pharmacy, occasionally paid for by Medicare or Medicaid.

No-knock raids, some going horribly wrong, is just the latest weapon to be used, and mis-used, to fight a battle that few want fought and the government can't seem to win.

But we continue to fight the War on Drugs. Just like we tried to fight the War on Alcohol 70 years ago, and finally admitted defeat.
What is behind the War? Is it a desire to protect people from themselves? Or is it a desire to extend government control and activity?

We have surrendered a lot of freedoms to the war on drugs. With images of drug soaked criminals to bolster the requests, we have surrendered freedom for security from the rampant druggie.

Only to no longer have the freedom nor have we gained the promised security.

Washington State and Colorado both recently, by popular vote have called a truce in the war.

Maybe its time more places considered doing the same.


engelj06 said...

For me one of the reasons I wouldn't mind Pot being legal is to reduce jail overcrowding. Right now there are people who commit assaults or hurt people who are slapped on the wrist and released because they need the jail space for some guy caught smoking a joint not hurting anyone

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

So for you the punishment is a waste of limited government resources?

Neither pro-drug or anti-government?

engelj06 said...

I mix of all three I guess. I don't see why alcohol is legal but pot isn't. Yet I do understand why other drugs are illegal. As far as the anti government I don't feel it's a government over reach to regulate and criminalize drugs