Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beautiful Weather

Today was an absolutely beautiful day around here. 64 degrees and sunny. Probably the best December 1 I can recall.

And what did I do with it?

Spent the day with my oldest boy removing the transmission from my BMW. Which was perfectly enjoyable. I can remember spending some raw days in December working on cars. Like the heater core in my sister's Dodge Aspen. I had to take out almost the entire dashboard. It seemed like hundreds of little screws, and took hours. Especially when I had to stop every 40 minutes or so to warm up. It was cold out- probably 20 degrees- and the small screws meant I couldn't use gloves. That was a miserable job.

Batteries had to be replaced every winter it seemed, and going the entire winter without replacing a water pump or a radiator was pretty rare. All things that seem like ancient history. I haven't replaced a water pump in 4 or 5 years. I can't remember the last battery I bought.

But today it was beautiful and I was pulling a transmission.

Sometimes life is good.

Sometimes the strangest things pop up on the simplest of searches. I did a search for Beautiful Weather Images.

Did you know there is an entire website devoted to pictures of beautiful weather girls?

Apparently it is a part of the weather girls' job in Mexico to report on the weather half naked.

Don't take me word for it; you can look it up.

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