Sunday, August 1, 2010

Remember That God Made Man in HIS Image

Not the other way around.

I was forwarded a link to this by a friend.

For those not in the know, Google basically publishes out of copyright books on the Internet. Books like this; from authors who believe morality can be established without religion.

First; I'll admit my biases. Raised a Roman Catholic, when I attend Church, it is the Catholic Mass, but I don't attend regularly.

After reading as much of this drivel as I could stomach, I am curious.

If morality doesn't come from God, where does it come from? If we don't have an all-powerful determiner of what is moral and what is not, how are individual actions determined to be moral or immoral?

Do we follow law? Don't Kill; Don't Steal; Don't Assault? Why do those concepts sound familiar? Maybe because they are found in religion as well?

Or are we to develop a separate morality based on law? Is it now immoral to speed? Do I need to confess my 70 MPH ride home to Gaia?

Or do we each develop a morality of our own, based on the values we have created for ourselves? Maybe that's where the 'You have it; I want it; I'll take' school came from?

Just one more example of throwing 50,000 years of learning how to run a society out the window because some modern nutcase thinks he (or she; I'm equal opportunity) knows more than the 15,000 generations that made us what we are knew.

Wasn't it Voltaire who said "If God hadn't existed, man would have needed to create Him for society to work"? Of course I'm paraphrasing; I can't even remember the quote as translated into English, much less remember it in the original French. If it was Voltaire. And if he wrote it in French.

But, I digress.

Just where is this new morality to come from?

And who is the arbiter who decides what act deserves eternal damnation and which ones don't?

Or does it not matter, because we are like plants, and once were dead that's it?

I didn't say animals for a reason; there are folks (I'm one) who believe Heaven isn't complete without our pets. But they're hypoallergenic (it is Heaven), but I don't know of anyone who is waiting to see their favorite African violet in the Great Beyond.

But again; I digress.

If my morality depends on me alone, and there is no Great Punisher why am I not beaking my own, variable rules? Or do the rules get changed when I need to change them?

Hell; they're MY RULES; why can't I change them when I feel the need?

Because we, as a society, found out 25,000 years ago that a system like that doesn't work.

Hopeully it won't take another 25,000 to find it out again.

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