Friday, August 20, 2010

Grand Style, Circa 1895

I went to a business party here last night. This place is fantastic, and in and incredible state of preservation. Its called the 1770 Sherman Event Center, and just being in the building is an event.

This was a Mason's Hall in Denver, until a few years ago. Interestingly enough, their website says the building was constructed in 1906, but the cornerstone says 1895. But then; it could have taken 10 years to build this place.

My pictures don't do the place justice. If I would have known where I was going I would have taken a better camera.

Every inch of wood in this place s intricately carved; There must be over a mile of this molding alone.

What isn't carved is painted. This view is down one of the barrel vaults shown earlier. Check out the Chandelier/disco ball hanging in the middle of the room.

One other neat feature that you can't see well in this photo is a small stone set in the wall about 18 feet from the sidewalk. It says:ONE MILE HIGH.

I have to admit to kind of ignoring the focus of the party so I could look around the building.

The engineering was fantastic as well. They had a massive open room with a mezzanine on the second floor with a multiple barrel vaulted ceiling, and full theater on the third.

An incredible treasure in downtown Denver.

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