Thursday, August 5, 2010

California's Prop. 8

You all probably know the basics; California passed a law banning same sex marriage; the gays had it overturned in the California Courts as against the California Constitution.

So the voters amended the California Constitution to ban same sex marriage.

And the gays went to the Federal Court, where a Federal Court in California just used ONE judge to over throw the votes of MILLIONS of Californians.

AS long as you are for Gay marriage and against state's rights this decision looks pretty good.

But for the other 95% percent of the country, we just got hammered.

I was reading this post over at Althouse and as usual the comments are great.

I especially liked this one:
dbp said...
Denying same-sex marriage is like denying blind people driver's licenses; it is just not fair since nobody chooses to be blind.

I don't see how blind drivers will have any impact on sighted motorist's ability to navigate our roads.

8/5/10 10:32 AM

Quipping aside, the basis of this judges decision- is the same as in the US Supreme Court case that made oral sex legal in Texas, the Lawrence decision. Basically, local morality has no place in law.

As a States Rights originalist, I have a problem with that.

But one point that keeps being made is that why is the state involved in promoting traditional marriage, but not same sex marriage?

Here I'll tie into my last post.

50,000 years- or more- of evolution has gotten us where we are. 90% of the world- and ALL of the Western World- traditionally has supported the One Man/One Woman concept of a nuclear family. Man and Wife join together and create a new generation. The children that have a mother to nurture them and a father to support them traditionally have done the best, and gone on to create the next generation.

Once again, the new age idiots, who know more than the 15,000 generations that have gone before us, are out to prove how smart they aren't.

Is it fair that Adam and Steve are in a committed relationship, but can't get married?

Eh; maybe not.

But life's not fair. Get over it. Either live in sin with your boyfriend or get with the program and find a nice girl to settle down with.

If you don't like that move to a country that will accept your version of morality and be happy there.

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