Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Must Be Missing Something

Well; first my apologies fro missing Sunday and Monday. Sunday was a up at dawn and work til dusk kind of day, and by the time I sat down I could stir enough mental acuity to say much of anything. I had a post written, but I doubt you wanted to see one that just said :"Tired".

And last night i had a minor family emergency to deal with; one that was more time consuming than a real emergency, but you know how it goes.

So tonight I am posting; but a short one. I have work work to do and I can't put it off anymore. But I will for a minute.

And I suppose I'd best spout off about that damfool billionaire who owns that one team or the other and said that stupid something.

As you can tell, I really care about basketball.

First; no matter how ignorant and opinion, you have the right to hold that opinion. If I want to believe that people who eat rice should not be allowed to vote, I have my right to that opinion. You also have the right to think I'm and idiot, and to call me an idiot. You have the right, as a private entity, to ban me from your insignificant little cabal.

So be it.

But the government has no right to do ANYTHING about my opinion. They can't fine me, they can't force me out of any insignificant little club I belong to; they can't put me in jail.

Does everybody understand that?

Now; can somebody explain why this damfool owner was set to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NAACP? All reports say these comments are nothing new; everyone has known for years that he is a bigot. Apparently everyone but the NAACP. They gave him some award or the other just a few years ago.

So; before this new evidence broke that this damfool was a bigot, everybody knew he was a bigot and the NAACP was still ready to give an award; one he was willing to accept (again) from an organization full of, and dedicated to the advancement of, people he despised.

Am I the only one having trouble making sense of this?

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