Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Once, I Thought I Could Write

At one time I entertained the idea of supporting myself by being a writer. I figured I'd get up in the morning, bang out a thousand words by lunch and then enjoy the rest of the day. I could read a page in a minute or so; I should be able to write a page at the same clip, right?

Did I mention I was 15 at the time? Writing is work. It it may look or read like it, but I usually have about an hour in each post. Sometimes 4-5 hours, if I do the research that I should.

So I get about a word a minute. At that rate I might be able to write Gone With The Wind in a couple of lifetimes or so.

So one of the guys on the web I admire immensely is James Lileks. I don't know how he does it; it's almost like he uses more than 3 fingers to type with.

A very good writer, every paragraph a gem, even the warm up blog he does every morning, probably between the coffee pot and the kitchen table. If you get bored with his website there ain't no hope for you.

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