Saturday, October 23, 2010

Got "CLUE"?

I re-watched the movie "Clue" (WARNING: this site does give away the endings, if you haven't seen the movie, but would like to) last night. I was digging in the DVD cabinet for another movie I'd decided to watch and hit upon Clue first.

Apparently it didn't do well with the critics 25 years ago (who cares), but has developed a 'cult' following. I never realized I was part of a cult.

The movie has a great set, some great scenes and some great writing. If you are familiar with the board game all of the rooms are here, along with a few more. Even the secret passages are a part of the movie.

I can see why the critics didn't like it. There is no 'message'; no 'conflict' and no trashing of 'the establishment'. Although they do take a swipe at J. Edgar Hoover at one point.

The setup of the movie is just and excuse for some great comic exchanges. the whole movie moves quickly; setting up situations and blasting through them. This exchange takes place as teh Butler, Wadsworth, is explaining about th eblackmail that brought everyone together:

Professor Plum: What is your top-secret job, Colonel?
Wadsworth: I can tell you. He's working on the secret of the next fusion bomb.
Colonel Mustard: How did you know that?
Wadsworth: Can you keep a secret?
Colonel Mustard: Yes...
Wadsworth: So can I.

AND, while doing reasearch for this post I found out Hollywierd is up to it again. They are planning a remake of 'Clue', due out in 2011. But, no details yet as to teh cast or exactly when it will be released.

Maybe we got lucky and they changed their minds.

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