Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ya Gotta Go With The Facts, Part II

I had a comment on my previous post from my Fellow John Wayne fan and blogger Trooper York that required a better answer than I wanted to give as a comment.

So I made a whole post out of it.

This too will pass.

You are old enough to remember Jimmy Carter. The problem is too many hipster doofus types are not. Add that to 100% of the black vote, Republicans staying home because they hated John McCain and the type of liberal like the evil blogger lady who just wanted to give the nice clean cut black guy a chance and you have the accidental Obama Presidency.

Sometimes it has to hit bottom before you can turn it around.

Yes Trooper, I remember Carter.

I also remember who brought us out of that malaise.

Where is our 2012 Reagan? The person who can appeal not only to the right but the middle?

Hell, most Republicans don’t even appeal to the whole GOP.

And we are dependent on the GOP picking that viable candidate in 2012. Not another Bob Dole; not another John McCain; not another Gerald Ford.

Do you see why I’m worried?

The polls I saw today show the top three as Palin, Huckabee and Romney.

Personally, I like Palin. But she is very divisive; some folks I’ve talked to have an unreasonable, visceral hatred of her; people who I would have thought would have been a fan of hers. In that way Palin is like Reagan; nobody I’ve ever talked to was neutral on either of them. Absolute love or visceral hatred.

Palin also does not have 100% support from the GOP. But then neither did Reagan.

Huckabee may have some Republican support, but a lot of folks are lukewarm. Personally; I can take him or leave him. Can he beat Obama? Today? Jimmy Carter could probably beat Obama in the Democratic primaries; that’s how low Obama has sunk.

But we’re not talking today; were talking 2 years from now; when we may have two more years of Obama with a Republican controlled Legislature. That may make a difference; especially if Obama wises up and starts moving toward the center.

Yeah, I know; fat chance of that.

Romney; what can I say about Romney? There is the ‘cold fish ‘perception of him that may or may not be true, an d he is from Massachusetts, so you have to wonder if he is conservative enough to for some folks, or just not as liberal as the rest of the state.

Besides, he hasn’t ignited the base in the last 10 years, why would he in the next two?

And then, in 2006, who would have thought Obama would be squatting in the White House?

Suggesting that the newly elected junior Senator from Illinois would be President probably would have been sufficient evidence to have you committed to the loony bin in 2006. 2008 was Hillary!’s year, remember?

So maybe we do have a Republican Moses, out there ready to lead the GOP out if the wilderness; someone not yet in the public eye.

I sure hope so. We can’t afford even 2 mores of the Democrats being in charge, much less 6 more.

And about the 'Evil Blogger Lady'; her opinions are important because she is a swing voter, not a party ideologue. What caused her (and her ilk) to vote for Bush? What caused her to vote Obama? finding out the answers will probably be more important to the 2010 and 2012 elections than whatever you or I think Trooper.

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