Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

Well, last night was a typical Election Night for me. Some of my candidates won, and some lost.

More particularly this year, there were some I just wanted to lose, and I didn't care who the winner was.

Rand Paul won BIG.

But, he gathered fewer votes than the second place Democrat; what will that mean in November? In 2008 Dems were 57% of voters registered; only 6.9% were other than Dem or Repub. And with Kentucky's closed primary system you can only vote in the party you are registered for. If there is a lot of Dem support for the Tea Party, as is claimed, Rand may win big in November as well.

One Republican loss last night was Pennsylvania's 12th District, formerly held by John Murtha, and now held by one of his aides, who probably has only been in Pennsylvania to run for elections.

Dems are making a big deal about the win, saying it shows the Democrats are done yet.

Maybe. But the seat is up for reelection again in November along with the rest of the House, and with this vote being held on Primary Day I don't think it means squat.

I think too many Dems got into the Primary mindset and pulled the Dem lever.

Besides; the guy will be there 6 months before the election, and basically will be running for re-election the whole time. Every vote he makes will get super scrutinized, and in November he will be running on that voting pattern. He may as well resign himself to either voting with the Republicans for 6 months or not plan on being re-elected.

Locally, one of my guys may have lost- expect a recount (it was THAT close)- and the one I wanted to lose did; REAL BIG.

The hard part is now I may need to vote for the Democrat in November, if Pendrey wins the recount.

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