Friday, May 28, 2010

Does This Explain 'New Coke"?

Yesterday I, and a lot of my neighbors, got a letter from our electric company. They are offering to do an energy audit of my home so they can show me ways to reduce my energy usage.


Isn't that like getting a letter from your brewery, offering a membership to AA?

Seriously, WTF?

Why are they offering to help me use LESS of their product?

Here's what I figure is going on:

If every home uses less electricity, then they need to generate less juice. When they need to generate less, they can do it with fewer power plants and fewer employees.

And then they apply for a rate increase, so although I am using less of their product, my bill stays the same.

Win/Win for them; Lose/Lose for me.

I went out looking on the internets for the old fashioned electric company logo; you know the one; a lightning bolt with a light bulb nose wearing a hardhat?

I found this instead, and thought "what a cheesy show that was", and realized the image fit perfectly!

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