Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Time Chores

It took me 5 hours to mow my yard today. Not all of the time was spent mowing.

Most of it was spent in that time honored Spring Ritual: Cussing the mower.

This was actually the second time this year I have mowed the grass. The first time I had to unstick the float so it would get gas. Today I had to change the plug and clean up the magneto so it would get spark.

And then clean the carburetor again.

Fire it up; mow ten minutes, spend 45 minutes working on the @*$%@^$* thing. Clean up and repeat the process.

Three times; and then it was fixed, and I mowed the last three-quarters non-stop.

You may have noticed I talked about mowing the yard, not the lawn. I say that because I don't have a lawn; I have a yard.

A lawn is tended; weeded, sprayed and fertilized.

A yard is played in, trod on and bare in spots. Just like the mutt dogs that run in them, the grass in yards is 57 varieties. I don't know what varieties; I just mow it. And throw some cheap grass seed in the bare spots every now and again. The bag says fescue and bluegrass, but it could be crabgrass and dandelion for all know. Or care.

The kids, grandkids and dogs will just run it bare again in a few weeks.

And in the mean time I'll have to mow it.

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