Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's Been Twenty Years; Get Over It

The U.S. Air Force on Sept. 18 celebrated its 65th anniversary.

As usual I was looking for something else and found this article.

Well, damn the bad luck.

I feel sorry for the guy. One incident twenty years ago has ruled his entire life ever since.

But that is HIS FAULT, nobody else's.

And of course, it's coming up again now because of an agenda.

How many of us can point to one incident in our past, back when we were young and dumb, that has had a profound influence, for good or evil, on where we are now? And how many times has it been us who has tied ourselves to that incident, especially for evil, and has not allowed the world to move past that incident? Even though the rest of the world has long forgotten that part of our past?

To me, just the fact that this guy has failed to let go of a 20 year old incident, and has allowed it to create who he is marks him as a loser.

Two other interesting points. Well, to me anyway:

The incident that caused his downfall happened somewhere I am well acquainted with; the RAF Mildenhall NCO Club. If I had a nickel for every drink I've hoisted in that place...

I'll admit to having been rip roaring drunk in there a time or two.... Dozen. But you know what? I never kissed a male friend in the joint.

I ain't ever been that drunk.

Part two of why this is interesting?

Yesterday was the 65th anniversary of the founding of the US Air Force.

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