Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Toasted Marshmallows

I think I am burnt out on the Presidential race already.

And I don't even watch TV. Being in the Cincinnati market area, the rumor is we will get bombarded with political ads. Something to do with Ohio being a battleground swing state.

But I do listen to talk radio. Which is almost 100% politics anymore. But I don't think that’s the reason I am burnt out. Like I have said before, I became interested in government when government became interested in me. Until I can get the government to leave me the hell alone, I don't intend to leave the government alone.

Which means I need to be informed on what the government is doing, will be doing, and wants to do to me. So I listen to talk radio. I ain't gonna find out any of these things watching the TV news or reading the newspaper.

I might be burnt out on the Presidential race because I know who I am voting for, and am ready for the race to be over.

But I have known who I would be voting for in every Presidential election since 1980 well before Election Day.

I think in this case it isn’t the election, but the Obama presidency I want to be over. I am burnt out on Obama.

During the Bush presidency I would listen to Democrats talk about how they could not stand to see a picture of Bush, or hear his voice. I thought they were partisan idiots. He's the President; get over it.

But you know what? The night Obama got elected I was listening to election results on the clock-radio while lying in bed. I was able to listen to about 5 words of his victory speech, and I had to turn the radio off. I couldn't stand to hear his voice. I felt like such a partisan hack.

But I think I know what it was that evening, with my 20-20 hindsight.

I was already burnt out on Obama. And that was just about a hundred days short of 4 years ago.

With luck, this will end in November of this year.

With luck my friends; with luck.

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