Sunday, December 4, 2011

We Are Not Our Grandparents

I saw this yesterday and couldn't resist posting it, with my thoughts.

This little cartoon says so much about our country today and how different we are from the recent past.

This was published Friday, the same day Herman Cain announced he was suspending his campaign, so it has lost some of its punch. But, what will next week bring?

Herman Cain is the quintessential populist Republican candidate. He has been there, done that in the business world, rose from solid lower middle class roots to success, and believes, like Jefferson, that the government that governs best, governs least. He understands, like Reagan, that government is not the solution, but the problem. He believes in the rights of the states to govern themselves.

And he is the only candidate, now that the establishment has run Sarah Palin out on a rail, with those convictions.

Now to our confused Klansman.

Herman Cain believes in almost everything the Southern White man does. Our cartoonist here (who is absolutely brilliant consistently, but also a Liberal) is under the impression that all Southern White men are members of the KKK (something probably true 50-80 years ago), who are now faced with the prospect of being forced to support a black man for President.

My take, despite the 'Personal Crisis Center' label, is that the KKK has mellowed to the point that even they can support a Black man for president, provided he has the proper character, and that we all have become 'post racial'.

Until the allegations of Sexual Harassment and then infidelity were broadcast, Cain had broad and deep support. he was quickly rising in the polls and threatened the heir-apparent, Romney. So he had to be stopped.

Unfortunately for Herman's reputation, he took awhile to get the message. First the anonymous charges. Herman wouldn't quit. Then the more specific charges, from a named individual. All of which were blared from every media outlet, constantly and loudly.

Herman wouldn't quit.

And then the charge of the 13 year affair; Herman has now suspended his candidacy.

If he hadn't, someone would have produced a 2 year old 'love child' for media consumption.

All in the course of modern dirty politics. If we can't find dirt in your past, we can always manufacture it.

Unless you are on our side. (See: Obama and Wright; Obama and Ayers; Obama ad nauseaum)

The comments under this comic lead me to this article.

We need more youth like this guy. Willing and able to investigate the truth behind the media/politically correct driven 'common knowledge', discover and disseminate the truth.

And you just know he is a Herman Cain supporter.

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